Produce Depot

Produce Depot Specials for the week of November 15 - 21, 2017

Golden Pineapples 2/$5. Product of Costa Rica
Raspberries 2/$5. Product of Mexico
Asparagus $2.99 /Lb Product of Mexico
Orange or Yellow Peppers 99¢ /Lb Product of Canada/Mexico
Kale 89¢ Product of U.S.A.
Spanish Persimmons $1.29 /ea. Product of Spain
Romaine Hearts 2/$5. Product of U.S.A.
Fuji Apples $1.29 /Lb Product of U.S.A.
Fresh Pork Picnic Shoulder $1.09 /Lb
Fresh Medium Ground Beef $2.99 /Lb
Boneless Inside Round Roast $3.99 /Lb
Fresh Atlantic Salmon Roasts $5.99 /Lb 13.21/kg /Product of Canada
Fresh Scottish and Norwegian Salmon Fillets $11.99 /Lb 26.43/kg
Fresh Boston Mackerel $1.99 /Lb 4.39/kg /Wild Caught
Mastro Oven Roasted Blood Orange & Fine Herb Ham $1.89 /100g
Fontaine Santé Hummus $3.29 /260g
Signature Foods Fresh Salsa $3.99 /400g
Damafro Yogurt 2/$5. /625g Plain Varieties
Cott Soft Drinks $3.99 /12x355g Assorted Varieties
Shake’n Bake $5./2 /142-184g Assorted Varieties